South Swindon Parish Council

(Central Swindon South Parish Council)

South Swindon Parish Map

South Swindon Parish Map

Election Boundaries map

You can click on the link below to view the parish boundaries within the Swindon area including South Swindon Parish. 

To make the boundaries visible:-

  • ¬†click on the 'Boundary' button on the left side of the map
  • scroll to near the bottom of the options that appear
  • select 'Civil Parishes or Communities'



  • Leisure & Amenities Committee
  • Full Council
  • Finance & Staffing Committee
  • Planning
  • Leisure, Environment & Amenities
  • Finance & Staffing
  • Planning Committee
  • Finance & Staffing - Meeting Cancelled
  • Leisure Environment & Amenities - Meeting Cancelled
  • Planning Committee - Meeting Cancelled

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