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A Conservation Management Plan has been published for GWR Park as part of the Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) project for the Railway Village. At its Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 26th October the Parish Council endorsed the plan and agreed to its publication. This plan provides a full history of the park and includes an Action Plan that culminated from 2 rounds of public consultation. The Parish Council has been asked to agree its publication and work with HAZ partners to establish a shared action plan of conservation improvements to the park.

Background to the Heritage Action Zone

In 2019, Swindon’s Railway Conservation Area was included in a Heritage Action Zone. Heritage Action Zones are an initiative by Historic England designed to revitalise under-used historic areas in order to bring about wider economic and social growth. GWR Park was included within this zone.

As part of HAZ a GWR Park Steering Group was set up to oversee the production of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for GWR Park to ensure that the policies and actions meets its, and the community’s, needs. The group comprises of the following:

  • South Swindon Parish Council
  • Historic England
  • Swindon Borough Council (SBC).

Visit this link to read the Conservation Management Plan

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