South Swindon Parish Council

(Central Swindon South Parish Council)

The Parish Council are asking for help from the public to carry out a tree survey.

The trees that we are interested in are those that are in pavements and the urban environment. The Parish Council has already received many requests for missing trees to be replaced and for dead trees to be taken away.

This work is currently the responsibility of Swindon Borough Council, but they have a very small budget and that means that only dangerous trees are removed or pruned.

If you have missing trees in your road or if you think your road would benefit from trees being planted, then please let the Parish Council know by contacting the Clerk by email or letter.

The Parish Council cannot promise that trees will be planted straight away, but this survey will enable them to draw up a plan to work towards.

The benefit of trees in the urban environment has known benefits which includes increasing resilience to climate change, improving air quality, transforming appearances, adding benefits to the local economy and creating healthy places with stronger communities. 

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