South Swindon Parish Council

(Central Swindon South Parish Council)

As you may have seen in the local press, the change of name from Central Swindon South Parish Council to South Swindon Parish Council was refused by Swindon Borough Council at their meeting on 28 September 2017. The Parish Council is bitterley disappointed at this decision.

The Parish Council has not been told the reason for the decision, but it is understood that they believed that the name would be confusing for the public. Ironically, it was because the public are struggling with the confusing name of Central Swindon South Parish Council that the request was made.

It has been reported that Swindon Borough Council had little information about the consultation conducted by the Parish Council. Firstly, there is no requirement in legislation that a Parish Council has to conduct a consultation before making a request for a change of name. The Shadow Parish Council made it clear, as early as February 2017, that they were not happy with the name because everyone was unable to remember the correct order. The Shadow Parish Council wanted to wait for the elected Councillors to make the decision about a future name and this was taken at the Full Council Meeting on 20 June 2017. Following this, a consultation was conducted by placing new items on the website and Facebook page. The Parish Council did not feel that the issue warranted the expense of a full consultation to all households, as the request was only for the simplication of the current name. 

As the name South Swindon Parish Council had already been agreed by Swindon Borough Council as part of the Community Governance Review, there was no reason to think that the name would be rejected. At the start of the review there were going to be 2 parish councils in the south; one called Central Swindon South Parish Council and the other called South Swindon Parish Council.

The Parish Council will be seeking ot find out how a name that was suitable to use a year ago is now unacceptable. The Parish Council will also be investigating what options are open to them legally to change this decision.

The Parish Council would be interested to know your views. Please email them to the Clerk.

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