South Swindon Parish Council

(Central Swindon South Parish Council)

South Swindon Parish Council has taken ownership of all the allotment sites in the parish as part of being a new Parish Council.

These sites are at the following locations:

Bisley Close

Broome Manor sites 1 & 2

Burghley Close

Cranmore Avenue

Dawlish Road

Glenwood Close

Greywethers Avenue

Hatton Grove

Monkton Close


Rushey Platt

Shrivenham Road


The allotment sites have passed across to the Parish Council on 1 October 2017

Your new person to contact is Ruth Wakeley. Her contact details are:

Tel (01793) 312006       Email :

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Ruth.

The Parish Council has decided to give parishioners a discount on their allotment rents, with a further discout to those aged 65 and over. For people living outside the parish, they will pay the same as they did last year to Swindon Borough Council.

The rents from 1 October 2017 will be :

                                                                                Half Plot                  Full Plot

Full Price                                                              £23.00                       £46.00

65 and over                                                          £21.00                       £42.00

Non-Parishioner                                                £30.50                       £61.00

From 1 October 2018 the rent for non-parishioners will be double that of a parishioner as follows:

Full Price                                                            £23.00                      £46.00

65 and over                                                        £21.00                      £42.00

Non-Parishioner                                              £46.00                      £92.00 

Non-Parishioner 65 and over                       £42.00                      £84.00

The Parish Council sent the invoices out in the middle of December 2017 to all current tenants with payments due by 31st January 2018.

If you are an allotment tenant and have not received your invoice, please would you contact the Parish office as soon as possible.

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