South Swindon Parish Council

(Central Swindon South Parish Council)

South Swindon Parish Council is now responsible for a range of services that were previously carried out by Swindon Borough Council.

These include:

  • Amenity grass cutting and gang mowing.
  • Shrub bed maintenance.
  • Hedge cutting & maintenance (to include tractor and side arm work).
  • Tree maintenance where the tree is on Parish-owned land.
  • Tree maintenance (using hand tools only from the ground).
  • Floral bedding in parks, open spaces and roundabouts.
  • Maintenance of sports pitches (including football, cricket and bowls grounds) if relevant.
  • Allotment maintenance, repairs and revenue contribution (if relevant).
  • Inspection, cleaning and repairs to play areas.
  • Litter Picking.
  • Street cleaning, sweeping and leaf clearance.
  • Litter and dog bin emptying.
  • Graffiti removal and fly posting removal.
  • Where it is reasonably practicable to the Parish Council to remove fly-tipping, it will do so. Where the fly tipping removal is too large and beyond the capability of the parish to collect then contact Swindon Borough Council, who will log the incident and remove it accordingly without charge. The Borough Council also retains the responsibility for enforcement action of fly tipping.
  • Fly Poster Removal.
  • Washing of road signs and bollards.

To report an issues that need resolving with the above bullet points please call 01793 317410 or email Please follow our dedicated facebook page for regular updates.

For all other issues residents should contact Swindon Borough Council in the first instance. Visit Swindon Council's dedicated webpage for all the services they provide.

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