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South Swindon Parish Council is encouraging residents to take part in a survey on its plan to take on the delivery of Grounds Maintenance and other Streetsmart services. A list of all services the Parish Council is responsible for can be found here.

Since being established in 2017 the Parish Council has been responsible for these services but has contracted its delivery to Swindon Borough Council who had trained staff and equipment to carry them out. In 2019/20 the Parish Council was charged nearly £1m for the delivery of these services.

After three years of delivering these services Swindon Borough Council has given notice that it intends to cease its Service Level Agreement with the Parish Council. Termination of the Parish contract is expected to be complete by September 2020.

The Parish Council believes it now has the experience and capability to deliver a better service for residents through the self-delivering of Grounds Maintenance and Streetsmart services. Self-delivering these services will also give the Parish Council the ability to set our own destiny with the community services we are responsible for and deliver a flexible service responsive to local needs.

What would the transfer of service delivery involve?

Should the Parish Council self-deliver these services it will need additional resources. These include:

  • Leasing a depot to store machinery and equipment, offer a base for staff and to provide a workshop to carry out repairs and maintenance of parish assets.
  • The transfer of Borough Council employed staff to the Parish Council.
  • The purchasing of new equipment and machinery required to deliver these services.

The leasing of a depot and the transfer of staff will require the Parish Council to budget additional spending. This will be largely offset by the savings made from the termination of the Parish Council’s Service Level Agreement with the Borough Council.

The new equipment and machinery will include vans, mowers, tractors and street sweepers. The purchasing of this equipment would require a loan to be paid back by the Parish Council over five years.

What are the alternatives?

If the Parish Council does not lease a depot, transfer Borough Council staff or purchase through borrowing new equipment and machinery, it would be unable to deliver the Grounds Maintenance and Streetsmart services it is responsible for.

Swindon Borough Council has already stated their intention to no longer deliver these services on a contracted basis.

Have your say

We would welcome residents taking part in a short survey focusing on the Parish Council self-delivery of crucial street cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the transfer of services please contact the Parish Council at or call 01793 312006.

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